Angular.js Development for WatchWith

Develop pixel-perfect user interfaces and proof of concepts with Angular.js



User Experience Engineer


Development of interactive mobile, web and Smart TV television experiences, built in an HTML 5 / JavaScript environment

Development Stack

  • HTML5
  • Sass
  • JavaScript (Angular, Gulp, Express)


Watchwith is the TV industry's standard for time-based (a.k.a. scene based) metadata. TV networks use Watchwith to create, control, and distribute deep metadata about their content. TV service providers use Watchwith data and software to power exciting new video products. Watchwith's deep metadata creation platform combines the scale and power of machine intelligence with the editorial and creative control of high end video post-production systems.

I Worked with the Head of Design and other creative team members to develop pixel-perfect designs and proof of concepts with Angular.js. I was responsible for the development of interactive mobile, web and Smart TV television experiences, built in an HTML 5 / JavaScript environment.

LookLive Demo

Cnet Examples

For the CNET project I built various interaction and animation events that would fire based on WatchWith's timeline tool which fed the API. The client could use an familiar interface to quickly and easily pick and choose which events take place on a screen whenever they wanted it to happen. In the USA example above, when the actress walks into the scene the client wanted a display advertisements for the shoes she was wearing and similar options.

Cnet HTC Amazon See It image CNET shop example Cnet Vizio M Series Amazon See It Image Cnet iphone 6 Full Browser Image

UX Example of FOX In-Video Polls

Codepen Scrap Prototype

See the Pen zvywMg by Jabal Torres (@capitalJT)on CodePen.

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