Al Jazeera Arabic Design Language System

Al Jazeera Media Network


Lead Designer / Full-stack Developer / Project Manager

Project Duration:

3 months


Set a strong thematic quality for Al Jazeera's products while ensuring brand and code consistency. The Design Language System aims to establish a common language, make testing easier, save time and effort, and create a useful reference for the teams. Most importantly, the design language system will create a future-friendly foundation for our network to modify, extend, and evolve over time.


  • Project Management
  • Gathering requirements
  • UI / UX design
  • Prototyping
  • Full-Stack WordPress development
  • Custom post types development
  • Custom plugins development
  • QA/Testing
  • Deployment


  • Improved consistency and clarity between design and development teams
  • Single source of truth for all branding needs
  • Fully customizable digital asset management system
  • Boosted digital productivity for faster project rollouts
  • Reduced cost and dependency on external resources
  • Consistent brand and user experience for company sites
  • Improved UX collaboration and review process
  • Defined quality target and standards


Al Jazeera has a large number of properties in its ever-expanding network and is already managing a large ecosystem of mobile touchpoints. In modern connected services, a key success factor is the ability to connect the dots of the experience across multiple touchpoints, contexts, and users and to maintain a cohesive user experience that spans through screen sizes and contexts of use.

When individual touchpoints are designed, developed and governed by disparate internal and external teams and partners, achieving a consistent, integrated and well-orchestrated experience becomes challenging.

The purpose of creating the Design Language System was to ensure a consistent brand and user experience across the current and future digital ecosystem.

Concept: The Moving Frame

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